Semiconductor Packaging Photo Resist

Semiconductor Packaging Manufacturing Technology

In addition to being equipped with highly sophisticated functions, mobile devices are rapidly becoming lighter, thinner and more compact in a pace much faster than we could have imagined. Packaging and MEMS manufacturing technologies play an extremely important role for such advancement.

We have developed and commercialized optimal photoresists and processing equipment for a range of packaging processes, including the newest technologies. Photoresists for packaging are available for a wide range of production technologies including wafer-level CSP, SiP, RDL, TAB and COF. In the field of processing equipment, we have developed unique technologies for thick film processing, such as a coating machine that can form thick films at 20-100 μm with excellent CD uniformity.

MEMS manufacturing technology is widely used for the miniaturization and higher functionality of electronic components. This technology is an integrated combination of electricity, machinery, light and materials, and expected to be an integral part of fundamental technologies necessary for the development of electronic components. In fact, it has already been employed by some electronic components and introduced to manufacturing technologies of image sensors, inkjet nozzles, and high-frequency wave devices.

We have commercialized thick-film permanent photoresists for MEMS, and developed a non-spin coater that can form thick films capable of highly uniform photoresist coating at a 100 μm level with a single application and a developing machine for thick films. We offer high quality, most advanced and most effective processing technologies in the MEMS field as well, thus widely supporting the miniaturization of electronic components in terms of both materials and equipment.