Toll Manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of the entire team here at TOK America, we provide toll manufacturing capabilities to potential customers. Our factory has the ability to manufacture a wide variety of liquid and powder based chemistries. We offer a wide range of package sizes and types from ounces to gallons and liters/kilos to metric ton. Our process and equipment expertise, matched with our manufacturing experience, provides our customers ability to reduce costs, while improving productivity and quality. Shorter development cycle, fast ramp and equipment availability all shorten time to market and time to profit.

Beyond toll manufacturing, we provide a complete array of unique services and capabilities including laboratory research, analysis and process development, and we are able to scale up quickly from pilot level volume to mass production at commercial levels.

TOK America has several buildings in which we manufacture a wide variety of products. Our manufacturing technology group and plant engineering members are available to re-configure our equipment, or perform installs of customer required equipment to accommodate your specific tasks.

Safety is our number one focus. Our entire staff is well trained in safety procedures and we are experts at handling difficult or even hazardous chemistries. We handle reagents such as highly corrosive materials, inhalation hazards, reactive hydrides and carcinogens. Having 20 years of manufacturing experience here in the US, we have strict health and safety programs in place and have an impressive safety record. We invite you to come see our facility for yourself and find out how we can support your needs.

All projects are conducted under strict confidentiality agreements in order to protect intellectual property. Pricing for projects vary depending on the nature, scope and volume of work performed, but we are willing to negotiate pricing on a variety of options whether it is cost per unit, charge by hours and materials or a fixed cost for a certain project. Please contact us if you have any requirements in mind or if you would like to assess our capabilities.

TOK America offers the following services on a contract basis:
  • Product Engineering
  • Manufacturing (process) Engineering
  • Raw Materials management
  • Manufacturing expertise
  • Inspection analysis
  • Batch preparation
  • Quality Control systems
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Inventory services
  • Product packaging
  • Product labeling
  • Customer service
  • Shipping
  • Documentation Control