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California Transparency in Supply Chains Act


We conduct audits of 28% of our Tier I direct suppliers every three years to verify that they are not at risk for violating anti-slavery and human trafficking laws. We do not use third-party verifiers. Our own supply chain management (SCM) team completes the verification process using internally developed assessment tools.

Our SCM team is currently unable to verify whether our subcontractors use labor brokers; however, we plan to enhance the audit process in the near future.


TOK Group is committed to fair labor practices within our supply chain. Our internal auditing team conducts announced audits and supplier surveys of direct suppliers to evaluate their compliance with our anti-slavery and human trafficking company standards. Audits consist of individual and group interviews with supervisors and management, as well as facility tours.


TOK Group strongly encourages direct suppliers to certify that they comply with anti-slavery and human trafficking laws in the country or countries in which they do business. However, we do not require such certification.


TOK Group publishes the “Compliance Standards of Conduct”, wherein TOK Group abhors slavery & human trafficking, and recognizes that such practices are crimes under state, federal & international law. Any violation or likely violation that is discovered, or committed, must be immediately reported to the point of contact defined by the Company Rules of the TOK Group Company we are employed with.

For internal employees, non-compliance with TOK Group standards of conduct may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


Our SCM team consists of one vice president, and cross-functional membership that includes management, engineers & specialists. Every member of our SCM team receives training on all company policies, practices, and procedures designed to ensure that TOK Group’s supply chain is free of any type of coerced labor, including how to spot warning signs of potential human rights violations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Message From Management:

TOK America reaffirms its commitment to the protection of our environment, our community, and our employees. We recognize that our natural resources are precious and must be managed carefully in order to maintain them for future generations.

All TOK America employees are members of this community we call Earth, and we understand that clean air, clean water and safe working conditions are not just good for our company, but good for our community as a whole.

Our employees are our most important assets. Without them we cannot meet TOK America’s high standards. We invest heavily in training and education programs in order make them successful.

By remaining financially profitable, socially beneficial and ecologically sustainable, we remain true to our parent company’s well publicized Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) commitment.

Protection and preservation of the environment is not only our corporate responsibility, it is our individual duty, as representatives of TOK America and its high standards.

In 1999, TOK began registering its Environmental Management System under the ISO 14001 standard. This process was completed with the successful registration in 2004. Since that time, we have maintained compliance with that standard, and followed the path of continual improvement.

TOK enjoys a long-term partnership with our community. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the environment, and embrace any opportunity to create additional positive environmental impacts.

TOK America, Inc.

Environmental Conservation Activities

The social responsibility of a company to solve environmental issues, one of the critical challenges of human beings across the globe, is increasingly recognized every year. As a company handling various chemical materials, we conduct R&D activities under strict safety control by screening all newly developed products to check their hazardousness.

In addition, based on the principle of self-responsibility, we are addressing environmental issues involved in the entire process of our business operations from product development, manufacturing and shipping to collection and disposal. Strongly reaffirming that “we will make every possible effort to protect people’s health and the environment”, we take action against environmental issues while striving to ensure safety at all times.

At the same time, we solve each issue by improving countermeasures step by step to build a solid track record in environmental conservation.

At TOK, we aim to be recognized by society as an “environmentally conscious company” by making persistent efforts and building achievements to realize environmental conservation and low-carbon society.

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World Leader in Advanced Technology Chemical Formulations

TOK America, Inc. plays an extremely important part, serving as the supply hub of semiconductor photoresists and high-purity chemical agents for the customers in United States and Europe. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of a world leader in advanced chemical formulations.

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