Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing Field Solutions

Semiconductor companies build devices that are used for a wide range of products including information terminals such as smartphones and tablets, home electrical appliances, PC’s, automobiles and precision machinery. These devices are also used for the most advanced technologies, such as servers and super computers. Along with the increasing flexibility of applications, a wide variety of semiconductor devices have been developed.

In order to respond to wider and diversifying market needs, we have released new types of photoresists such as g-line / i-line photoresists for submicron level processing, and KrF / ArF photoresists for nanometer level processing. We are also actively working to develop photoresists for ArF immersion as well as new products for EUV / electron beam which many consider to be the next-generation light sources.

At the same time, we are working to develop a state-of-the-art photoresist based on innovative ideas and careful verifications through various research activities. The new photoresist will enable ultra-micro processing technology targeting the 10 nanometer scale. In addition to the above mentioned products, we also offer developing solutions, stripping solutions, thinners, and other high purity chemicals. We support the semiconductor manufacturing industry with our comprehensive strength of combining advanced processing technologies and various types of processing equipment.

TOK America is able to offer the semiconductor industry i-line photoresists which are made in the U.S., as well as developer solutions (NMD-W and NMD-3 2.38%), and post etch stripping solutions. Our U.S. team is ready to support your needs. For the entire lineup of resists, we are happy to supply you with our high quality products manufactured in both our US and Japanese factories.