Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Message From The President:

At TOK America, we are committed to first understanding your needs, and then offering a variety of customizable solutions that enable you to overcome your technological challenges. We desire to be an integral part of your business successes.

In today’s complex world, we recognize that our customers value quality, cost, availability and technology above all else. We strive to exceed your expectations in each of these fundamental areas. Your satisfaction with the entire customer experience is deeply important to us.

TOK offers a vast portfolio, ranging from advanced photoresists to ancillary products including strippers, clean solutions, solvents and developers. Our ultra-pure chemicals are a staple of TOK worldwide network.

We are ISO 9001 & 14000 registered, and EICC (RBA) compliant – we remain dedicated to continual improvement and understand your needs for safe, ultra-pure chemicals that deliver performance, reliability and process stability.

For those who do not yet know us – we would be delighted with an opportunity to provide you with a value-added solution to support all of your business needs. We’re here to earn your trust on a daily basis.

Kazuyuki Shiotani
TOK America