Environmental Data

Environmental Data

Environmental Conservation Activities

The social responsibility of a company to solve environmental issues, one of the critical challenges of human beings across the globe, is increasingly recognized every year. As a company handling various chemical materials, we conduct R&D activities under strict safety control by screening all newly developed products to check their hazardousness.

In addition, based on the principle of self-responsibility, we are addressing environmental issues involved in the entire process of our business operations from product development, manufacturing and shipping to collection and disposal. Strongly reaffirming that “we will make every possible effort to protect people’s health and the environment”, we take action against environmental issues while striving to ensure safety at all times.

At the same time, we solve each issue by improving countermeasures step by step to build a solid track record in environmental conservation.

At TOK, we aim to be recognized by society as an “environmentally conscious company” by making persistent efforts and building achievements to realize environmental conservation and low-carbon society.

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